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Vladivostok city tours.

Acquaintance with Vladivostok.

Everything in Vladivostok begins with the sea. And this excursion begins with the shore of Zolotoi Rog (Golden Horn) bay – Ship quay Street. But there is still one quay on the shore of Amurskiy Bay, which washes a part of Shkot peninsula. Buildings of the Marine University, that trains specialists for work on commercial fleet ships are situated on it. On the opposite shore of the peninsula the Commercial port, having century-long history spreaded out .

Thus, with names of streets, educational and cultural institutions, enterprises begins the acquaintance with the history of commercial, marine, military, fishing, student, theatrical and memorial Vladivostok.

The Monuments of Cult Architecture.

Old Vladivostok… Architectural monuments of different religious confessions: Jewish synagogue ( Komarova Street), Japanese Buddhist praying house (Semyonovskaya Street), Lutheran church in Svetlanskaya Street (on Sundays you can visit a divine service) , Polish Roman-Catholic church of the Virgin in Volodarskiy Street ( on Sundays you can visit a mass with organ music); orthodox St.Nikolai Cathedral ( Makhalina Street).

City tour with the excursions to these cult architectural monuments.

Vladivostok Orthodox Temples.

This excursion gets you acquainted with the history of orthodoxy in our city. The itinerary includes visiting of acting churches: Uspenskiy, Ioann Kronshtadtskiy, st. Nikolai Cathedral. Excursionists will also learn about former Vladivostok orthodox churches: Blagoveschenskaya, Innokentievskaya, Petropavlovskaya, Vladimirskaya and others; acquiant with the activities of outstanding clergymen: Evseviy, the first bishop of Vladivostok eparchy , priests Stefan Nezhentsev, Ioann Remizov, Ioann Gomzyakov.

Vladivostok Fortress.

Buildings of Vladivostok fortress are the city places of interest. Sightseers will visit coast batteries and land fortification №1 (Port-Arturskoye) on Sapyornaya hill in the vicinity of Dneprovskaya Street, come along the subterranean passage and see massive fortifications, that made Vladivostok an impregnable fortress.

Forts of Vladivostok Fortress.

The excursion will acquaint with the history of establishing Vladivostok Fortress, with the buildings of the land defence main line (1910-1912). Sightseers will learn about planners and builders of Vladivostok fortress; come along the main fortress’ road ( in the vicinity of “Fabrika Zarya” bus stop); admire a view of the city and Amurskiy bay and visit Fort №7 – the last fort of land defence and one of Vladivostok fortress’ strong points.

The Southern Boundary.

The itinerary of the excursion lies along the southern defensive line of Vladivostok fortress, that included forts and gun batteries of Russkiy island. Excursionists will visit the unique fortifications of the end of XIX – the begining of XX centuries, get acquianted with the history of creating the fortress complex of Russkiy island, with construction art; will see the fort of Pospelov (grand duke Dmitriy Donskoy), three coastal and two land gun batteries; come along passages of communications and the Southern boundary’s rampant. The foundation and photos of the 35-th East-Siberian rifle regiment’s Spasa Nerukotvornogo church will help to recreate the aspect of the island temple.

During the Russkiy island tour excursionists will not only lay bare its misteries, but also will admire the sea landscape, visit picturesque bays and feel themselves as new lands discoverers.

Voroshilov Gun Battery.

The main object of the excursion is a gun battery, that has no analogues in the history of such kind of buildings. It is situated at the bottom of Russkiy island on the closed position and includes two turrets of three – barrels guns dismounted from “Poltava” battle -ship.

The under-turret rooms, shell rooms and powder-magazines are at the depth of 25 metres. The shells of half a ton could hit the target at 35 km distance.

In one of fort №12’s casemates there is a unique fresco icon.

Along Svetlanskaya Street.

Every city has a main street, that reflects its history. In Vladivostok it is more than 140-years-old Svetlanskaya street, stretching a long the coast of Zolotoi Rog (Golden Horn) bay from Amurskiy bay deep into the heart of Muraviyov- Amurskiy peninsula.

The city began with this very street: the house of the first civilian inhabitant Ya.L.Semyonov, the 1-st theatre “Zolotoi Rog”, the 1-st in the far East German firm “Kunst and Albers”, the 1-st monument in Russia to G.I. Nevelskoi appeared here.

The Sun is Life.

In childhood everyone dreamed of watching the Sun at least with half an eye through a dark glass. During this excursion you will visit the Ussuriisk astrophysical observatory “Sluzhba Solntsa” ( the Sun’s Service) and admire our luminary through modern telescopes.

Scientists of the observatory will tell you about their work and watching for the Sun , which they provide since the year of 1955.

The itinerary of the excursion lies through Muraviyov – Amurskiy peninsula, valley of Razdolnaya river and a territory of Ussuriisk nature reserve named after V.L.Komarov. You will learn about interdependence of the Sun and natural peculiarities of our territory, what the sun – spots and protuberances are, why the sun and magnetic storms happen and many other things.

Kravtsovskie Waterfalls.

What can be more beautiful than waterfalls? This wonder of nature you can see any time of year during “Khasan cascade of waterfalls” excursion. And do you know that fresh water accounts only 2.5% of all the water amount on the Earth and the amount of pure water is still less? And this very water you can taste on the waterfalls.The itinerary lies through Muraviyov-Amurskiy peninsula, along Razdolnaya river valley upto Kravtsovka village.

By Roads of the Middle Ages.

The history of Primorye has a lot of interesting pages from the medieval life: Bohai and Golden Empire of Jourgenes cities; ports, roads and fortresses; way of life,culture and statehood… In 2.5 hours drive from Vladivostok excursionists get into a medieval city, in which seven centuries ago peculiar life took place.